Fiery | Pantan Sile, Aceh Gayo

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To achieve brilliance.

Being left in awe and impressed by the quality of something is such an incredible feeling and moment. That’s the moment we all live for, being able to define something as brilliant, including ourselves.

The moment of tasting this coffee will linger for a while and it will be life-changing. It was for us. Discovering thoughtful craftsmanship and quality coffee is always fun.

We named this coffee Fiery as a reminder for our coffee drinkers to go after excellence. Greatness and quality can be achieved through consistent effort, and showing up every day to master brilliance.
  • Name: Fiery
  • Bag Size: 12oz; 340g
  • Origin: Pantan Sile, Aceh, Indonesia
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1500 masl
  • Notes: Jackfruit (like Bubbalicious bubble gum), caramel, honey