Fearless | Malabar, West Java

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Be daring. 

Fear comes in different forms for everybody but we all have them. Becoming fearless to us means finding the courage to start.  

The simple act of boiling water and making coffee to jumpstart your day takes courage. It takes courage to show up every day and master our day. We all create courageous moments to be proud of every single day that ignites us to be fearless. What is your moment today?
We named this coffee Fearless because coffee plants are naturally fearless. Despite coffee’s daily fight of climate change, plant diseases, and pests - it shows up every day to thrive. We encourage you to be inspired by the resilience of coffee.


  • Name: Fearless
  • Bag Size: 12oz; 340g
  • Origin: Malabar, West Java, Indonesia
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1200-1800 masl
  • Notes: Lemon, refreshing citrus, jackfruit