Fun | Aceh Gayo and East Timor

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Never forget to have fun. 

We are serious when it comes to serving you the most formidable coffee as it is equally fun for us to do so. Having fun throughout the whole process is fuel for us. We wish to fuel you with fun every day. 

Specialty coffee may sound daunting to some coffee drinkers. The word specialty simply means high-quality. So don’t worry, we take care of the complexity of it all in roasting, quality assurance, sourcing, and grading for you. 

We named this coffee Fun because of the notes from this coffee. Chocolate reminds us of the fun times while eating the sweet candy! We guarantee that you will enjoy this blend.

  • Name: Fun, Chocolicious
  • Bag Size: 12oz; 340g
  • Origins: Aceh Gayo and East Timor, Indonesia
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1200-1800 masl
  • Notes: Dark chocolate, cocoa, earthy